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Who We Are

Our Story

GOTTABODI is a combination of street and athletic wear created by two cousins on a mission to bring quality clothing, creative styles, and original designs to our customers.

The awakening of our fashion inspiration happened one hot summer day in New York on the E train heading to West 4th Street. We were observing how everyone appeared to be comfortable in their attire, especially their streetwear, all ages, different ethnic groups, many shapes and colors. At that moment we were inspired and invigorated to accentuate their styles. We were two guys looking for excitement and fashion seemed to be exciting enough.

We diligently worked on creating a clothing line to showcase at MAGIC Trade Show in Las Vegas, the largest American sourcing expo for fashion. Our experience there was so inspiring and exciting that after we returned home we connected with two creative young designers to help turn our visions into a reality.

Today we can proudly say that we are able to see our visions flourish. A vision that is finally materializing through colorful, sombre, yet fashionable athletic and street styles that are undeniably made for everyone. Ultimately, everyone has a body and can flaunt it however they want, and we can say with confidence GOTTABODI helps you do exactly that.

GOTTABODI "Building Confidence in Yourself"

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